Chronicle Week 9A
Battle of the Bands, 1:30pm
Year 6 BBQ
Dear Year 6 Parents,
On Thursday 8th December, Year 6 students will be celebrating the end of Stage 3 with a picnic lunch followed by games and dancing.   Parents or caregivers are welcome to attend and join with us for the afternoon.
The barbeque lunch will be provided as a gift from the Middle School. We will meet on the College oval under the breezeway at 1pm. Students are encouraged to bring a picnic rug and any outdoor equipment such as frisbees to play with over lunch. Dancing will follow in the MPC. The afternoon will conclude at 3:15pm.
Students may wear mufti on this occasion, however, please ensure it is practical and suitable for outdoor play.
In order to assist us with catering, we ask that you RSVP to your classroom teacher by Friday 25th November.
We look forward to enjoying this special time with you and your children.